Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolution

I want to be the best sissy for my Mistress that I can be in the year 2012. I will worship, please, submit, serve and obey my Mistress all the time. I will pro-actively pursue my feminization, wear panties and stockings 24/7 and dress whenever possible at home, as my Mistress has ordered me. I will obey all orders fully and without hesitation, I will not cheat and lie to my Mistress, if necessary I will honestly tell her about my short-comings and accept my punishment. I will surrender to any order or feminization my Mistress orders me, even uncomfortable, humiliating or degrading orders, my Mistress knows best what's good for me and I do trust her fully and will surrender myself to her. This may include public feminization assignments or meeting with local Dom men. It's my purpose to serve, please, submit and obey my Mistress. I want my Mistress to hold me responsible to these resolutions and if necessary remind me, punish me (physically or financially), or publicly expose me as a feminized sissy if I fail only the slightest order.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm now a cocksucker

I have another update.....recently I've been in contact with a somewhat local couple, she's a wonderful & sexy Mistress and he's a submissive sissy as well. After meeting with them for lunch to get to know each other, we met during a weekend to play together. It was of course all about the pleasure of the Mistress, having two sissies at her disposal. She did put me on a spanking bench and after turning my ass nice and red, she put on a strapon dildo and fucked me, showing me my proper place. While she fucked me, her sissy came up to my head and pushed her hard clit towards my mouth, whispering that I should suck it. I was so deep in sub-space that I just opened my mouth and took the sissy-cock inside my mouth. The sissy was then fucking my mouth while the Mistress fucked my ass. At this moment I became finally officially a cocksucker.

feeling it inside

First I need to apologize again that I didn't update my training and feminization blog more frequently. I'm in regular contact with my online Mistress and my training is ongoing, but only slowly progressing due to busy schedules and work. In order to ensure I don't forget where my proper place is, I had to visit a ProDomme again, which I visited multiple times before. I was put into my proper place by her, it all started with her requirement to arrive at her door wearing high heels. Fortunatley I was able to park close by, didn't had to walk far and nobody did see me. The ProDomme used me for her pleasure, she fucked me with her strapon until she had a mind-blowing orgasm. After that she always likes place her pussy over my mouth and dispense some of her golden nectar (infused with female hormones) into my mouth, to ensure I don't forget my proper place.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gas & Soda....

As I posted in this blog before, my Mistress made me go pump gas while wearing high heels, to train and feminize me. However, as I got comfortable with doing that, she decided that it's time to expand my feminization training further. During the previous trips I did pay at the pump and so all I had to do was walk in the high heels around the car and just stand there. This time she required that I also walk inside the shop and buy a soda after I did pump the gas. When she ordered me to do that I was very scared that people could notice it. Fortunately, she allowed me to wear my 2.5" heels, which are not that obvious and they are also not as loud on the concrete as the 5" heels. But I was still very nervous, as it was bright day and there were a few other customers at the gas station, after finishing pumping I just walked stright into the shop, which was fairly empty, I went straight to the sodas and bought one, then back to the car....still being super nervous but also super happy that I did serve my Mistress well.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hotel sissy

First I need to apologize that my training and feminization blog wasn't updated in a long time, my Mistress said today that I seriously neglected my blog lately and that this will change.
So I start out with last week, I was on a business trip and my Mistress decided that my feminization must continue throughout this week, however, compared to March last year she insisted that I also take high heels with me. I arrived in my hotel and changed right away into my pink lingerie, black stockings, black 5" high heels and inserted the butt-plug. OMG, I felt so humiliated being like this in a hotel room, however, it also felt good serving my Mistress. Walking around in the bathroom and hallway with marble floor created the distinct high heel clicks, which must have been still noticeable in the next rooms or outside in the hallway. Actually, one time a group of women walked by in the hallway and they were all laughing and giggling, I thought instantly that they know the sissy inside the room and developed humiliating feelings. The idea to get discovered can be so humiliating, but also exciting. Especially if you let your fantasy flow and imagine what kind of scenarios could develop. Another humiliating experience was to be in the busy hotel lobby, in the presence of beautiful and nicely dressed women in skirts and high heels, knowing that just minutes ago I was wearing high heels as well and still feeling the sting from the butt-plug. I was so tempted to drop down to my knees and kiss and lick their high heels right there.

Friday, September 24, 2010

new chapter in my training/feminization

This weekend my Mistress and I will step into a new chapter in my training/feminization. I will have to wear a chastity cage for the whole's the first pic. OMG, I feel so humiliated and helpless

Sunday, July 25, 2010

happy birthday Mistress....and new commitment

wow...I can't believe it's been almost two month since my last post. This is unacceptable considering that the initial order of my Mistress were to report in this blog on an ongoing basis about my training and feminization. However, the last two month were quite busy and I admit that my training and feminization did come too short, but I'm committed to change that going forward and put the necessary focus on my feminization and show obedience to my Mistress.
Dear Mistress, I also wish you a happy birthday....I kneel down in front of you and kiss your high heels and promise you that I will submit to you, serve you and obey you better from now on.
I think today's voluntary wearing of makeup almost all day and practicing sucking on my dildo was a good start, let's see where my Mistress will lead me.